My Favorite Quotes on Love

My Favorite Quotes on Love


  1. When the wind ran out of things to amaze me with, a gentle reminder by the breeze was enough to make me scribble about love.
  2. And there are those dreary nights which I don’t have words to write about.
  3. Just when I thought I was addicted to words, I realized those are only the words about you I am addicted to.
  4. Whoever thought a glimpse of you was going to be enough for me to understand how chaotic the universe is?
  5. What have I self-taught about? Maybe it was you, or maybe it was what they call life.
  6. The silence was his friend and fear for it flooded him with her memories.
  7. Why would you? Why would you ask her why she loves you when you are the one who knows most about you?
  8. He could still see the life with her when he couldn’t see the train that left with her.
  9. As the love bloomed, his desire for the validation from the world was bound to fade.
  10. And maybe we were caged by nothing else other than our thoughts.
  11. And the one that has never shed a tear for love shall never be a good writer.
  12. How easy would it be had he thought about him as much as he thought about you?
  13. We didn’t have to get everything to realize everything never matters.
  14. How about the times your words weren’t loyal to you and never talked about you?
  15. For the times when the part of us missed us.
  16. The heart was close to pain when it wasn’t close to you.
  17. Looking at the stars, she thought of the times when open air didn’t suffocate her.
  18. When a raindrop touched her skin, she realized she wasn’t ready for the chaos thunder was about to bring.
  19. Everything is bound to fade, even the distance between us.
  20. Why do you want to my listen to my heart even when I don’t want to do it?
  21. A crave for perfection led us to imperfection.

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