She wanted the sunlight.

It was not just about the light it brought. It was more about the warmth that came along with.

Her hearts were frozen, and when the sky smiled, she believed the sunlight she wanted was on the way. Her hearts melted even when the Sun was hiding behind the clouds, making her wait for the magic.

The clouds one day turned black. Everyone was scared and anxious. She waited for the Sun after the rain and the thunder and what not.

The clouds finally were silent but her heart was not. Her heart dared to go out and see the wreckage left by the disaster. Her footsteps wished the sunlight to fall on it not the damp mud. One step out of her home and she realized the Sun wasn’t out yet. This was not the first time she was led down by the universe. However, she believed the universe will one day stop hurting her. And it indeed started being kind to her with the rainbow as vibrant as the future she was working for.

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