Top Writer on Quora for 2018

Top Writer on Quora for 2018

Yesterday morning I received a message from the Head of Global Writer Relations on Quora.

Hi Shilpa,

Congratulations! You’ve been named as a Quora Top Writer for 2018 in recognition of your highly valued contributions to Quora over the last year.

As a top Writer, you will now have a badge on your Quora profile that says “Top Writer 2018”. Other people will see this badge when they’re reading your answers. This will also be listed in your Credentials & Highlights section of your profile page.


The message continued saying I’ll now get the Top Writer Welcome Package, a one-year free subscription to the New York Times.

I think I started writing on Quora since 2014. I never took it seriously. It was just a fun pass time. However, just a few months back I was thinking of focusing more on it. I wasn’t sure about what I wanted, but I was thinking I should at least make more out of it. I started writing more particularly about Nepal and other stuffs.

Being a top writer, however, wasn’t something I aimed for.It was  unexpected, and it probably is the best thing that happened to me after a long time. For someone like me, who loves words more than anything else, this is something big. I would like to to take a moment here to thank Rajib for introducing me to this wonderful Q/A website and everyone out there who took a time to read my answers. I hope to continue being friends with the words and showing a part of me to the world through them. The next best thing would be if this happens next year too and instead of around 200k views on my answer, there would be 1M.

Keep looking up!

Or maybe, you can look at my Quora Profile

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