Hired a stalker! Worst yet Best Step I made in 2018!

Hired a stalker! Worst yet Best Step I made in 2018!

I love social networking sites. I’ve probably spent half of my life on those sites. Okay, fine! I love exaggerating things too Lol

Nonetheless, it usual for people to stalk someone on social networking sites these days. This new year, I decided to hire a stalker. I invested my time in it instead of money.

What did I hire as a stalker? 

I hired an extension! A super cool program which lets you know how much time you have spent on a website!

It’s been seven minutes since I started writing this blog. The best thing is it has helped me track how much I actually spend on not really important social networking sites.

Here are my all-time statistics: 

Sharelatex and Mathworks on top of the list. Imagine the maths class I’m in *weeps*. 

Anyhow, if you are looking for ways to reduce social media usage, this is a must-have extension. It works better than your mom reminding you have spent all your life smiling looking at the phone, trust me! Good luck! Have a joyful year ahead!



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