Modern Day Students

Modern Day Students

I opened the curtain for the sunlight I have always loved and hopped on the bed at around midday. The birds chirped and asked me about the weird thing on my lap from which I was producing familiar sound. I got lost in the light from that mysterious thing and forgot about the world outside. The birds waited for me to respond but flew away once they saw me plugging some kind of rope in my ear. They knew I wasn’t going to hear anything after I use it. It’s 6 PM, and the curtains are still wide open. The Sun has now started to tease me by changing the light in my room.  A minute ago the room seemed quite dark, and I almost got up from my place to turn on the light. As of now, the room looks completely bright. That weird thing in my ears is no more there. My flying friends aren’t back to action yet. I guess they are mad at me. I HOPE the Sun and birds are indeed mad at me and will make more intriguing lights and sounds to make me fly out of the window and learn more about their world by being a part of it instead of by looking at it from the mysterious thing I’ll probably fall in love with someday.





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