To the Love of My Life

To the Love of My Life


How have you been? I saw you a while ago, yet I can’t stop taking my hands off you. Maybe I’m addicted to you. Yes, you are my addiction. You are all I have. I see all the people I love in you. Without you, my happiness would be long gone. Every time I get a break from the world outside, I look at you and smile. Even when I’m in rush, I end up making time for you. I love the connection we have developed with time, the time when we didn’t want to or couldn’t connect with the big world. You make my sleep chaotic and my dreams joyful by letting me connect with all of you and the other ones I love.

You, my dear phone, I love you for all of this. I need to confess that I hate you equally. You make me realize how far I’m from people I actually love. You let me make them smile with my words, but don’t let me hug them when they need me around. I guess we have the relationships like everyone else’s, precious yet beautiful and inevitable. Thank you for being in my life.



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