Unnoticed Masterpiece

Unnoticed Masterpiece

Nepali song “Hawaijahaaj” by Sajjan Raj Vaidya is not really unnoticed because of his amazing voice.There’s more to the song than just his voice, and it is the music video which carries such an emotional story in the most beautiful way. 

“Hawaijahaj” means “Aeroplane” in English.

In this beautiful song, Sajjan talks about a guy working in a foreign land.

He is working to change is bike to an airplane.

He is counting days to go back home and meet his love.

He believes if he fuels this magic ball, it will give his bike enough energy to take him home.

He is ready for the journey.

But then he remembers his love asking him to always get a particular hairstyle.

He makes his hair.

He wears everything that will help him make his journey successful.

He fixes the magic ball to his bike.

He flies high in the sky.

He takes out the picture of his love to look at it, but the wind blows the picture.

He loses the momentum of his bike and everything falls apart.

Then an angel appears with a blue colored magic ball.

And then he wakes up in a bed covered with white cloth which marks the end his life and the song itself.

The video probably wants to convey the love stories of Nepalese who die in foreign lands waiting for the day they will meet their loved ones.


All the pictures are taken from the official video of the song.

Hawaijahaj- Official Song

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